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The next stage of the EENCE Citizenship Education Caravan started in Baku

September 4, the opening of the “EENCE CE Caravan Azerbaijan 2023” project took place. The opening speech was delivered by EENCE Board member they welcomed everyone and shared general information about EENCE and its history. After, Country coordinator of CE Caravan Elmurad Mammadov gave detailed information about the project to the participants.

After the official opening of the Caravan in Azerbaijan, the Caravan team immediately got down to work. The integration part was followed by a discussion during which the participants learnt about the difference between Civic and Citizenship education.

The moderator of the discussion, Nurana Mammadova, immediately organised active interaction between the participants.

The quiz based session with participants went in a smooth way, where the experts got acquainted with the initial views of the participants about citizenship education.

During the quiz which held by expert, the participants understood the difference and importance of civil society and citizenship education.

Ms. Nurana Mammadova gave comprehensive information about terms that make up civil society, such as Altruist, Volunteer, and Probona.

“No one should feel like an altruist in a strong society.

Nurana Mammadova

In “Global Snap” session, the participants got a chance to discuss certain topics in groups.

The problems in the Azerbaijani society and their solutions were discussed here.

The participants mainly discussed problems such as unemployment, gender inequality, and inequality in education in Azerbaijan, based on particular cases.

One of the participants mentioned as an example of the inequality against women in the country: “When I saw a book called “Professional fields for women”, I looked at this book with regret and interest. It mentioned professions that could be suitable for women, such as teaching, tailoring, medicine, etc. Other areas were not mentioned. I was shocked to have such a book“.

On 5 September the Caravan will move to Mingechevir. Barda, Ganja, Goy Gol will also host Caravan events in Azerbaijan.

The Caravan is organized by a consortium of EENCE experts and organizations in the framework of the project “EENCE Citizenship Education Caravan”, funded by the Federal Agency for Citizenship Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung / bpb) with funds allocated by the German Federal Foreign Office, program “Enhancing cooperation with civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia”. 

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