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EENCE Citizenship Education Caravan in Ukraine: get to know the programme and experts

Discussions, seminars, trainings and other events in three cities of Ukraine will take place from 18 to 21 September.

To see the programme of the Caravan in Ukraine, click on “+INFO” on the picture below.

Meet the experts at Caravan:

Mykola Smolinskyy (Ukraine)

President of CEASC. Business coach, European integration specialist, consultant on finding grant funding from the European Union funds. He is a guest lecturer at business schools, KIMBS, MIM-Kyiv, and Business Information Support Centers within the EU4Business project. Co-author and trainer of postgraduate programs in project management and quality management systems. Author of training programs within the framework of UNICEF and SWISS FOUNDATION FOR TECHNICAL COOPERATION projects. Expert and consultant at Diia.Business in Rivne.The topics of the meeting during the Caravan will be “Grant opportunities for business” and “Social entrepreneurship as an effective tool for the development of public organizations”.

Anna Dmytryshyna (Ukraine)

Master of Psychology, teacher of psychology, member of the Ukrainian Transactional Analysis Society.

I work in the transactional analysis method, play therapist, art therapist, basic training in symbolic drama. I lead a support group for parents.

The topic of the meeting during the Caravan will be a training on “How to cope with stress effectively”.

Inna Semenets-Orlova (Ukraine)

Certified trainer in civic education, member of the working group on the development of the Concept of Civic Education in Ukraine.

Expert on monitoring of the Swiss-Ukrainian educational project “Development of Civic Competencies in Ukraine – DOCCU”.

The topic of the meeting during the Caravan will be “New dimensions of creativity in the world of the future. The potential of creative thinking for building a culture of citizenship”.

Dariia Pylo (Ukraine)

Lawyer, Community Development Manager at CrimeaSOS, expert of the educational project for teachers “NaUrok”, founder of the NGO “Re:Dim”, trainer, facilitator.

The topic of the meeting during the Caravan will be “Project Management Approaches in Work and Education”.

Оlga Petrova (Ukraine)

Trainer of the project “Strengthening the capacity of Ukrainian government agencies in the field of cyber hygiene and cybersecurity”, initiated by the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine, author of the course “Cyber Literacy”, board member of the NGO “Women’s Interaction”, consultant on PR, building personal and corporate brands online, expert on cybersecurity and cyber hygiene, moderator of business and educational events.

The topics of the meeting during the Caravan will be “False Information, Cyber Hygiene” and “Reputation Management”.

Olga Tsipan (Ukraine)

Founder and head of the NGO “Center for Children’s Development “ERUDIT”, member of the NGO “Women’s Interaction”, facilitator and trainer on personal brand development for teenagers.

Trainer and consultant on the establishment and development of NGOs. Project manager. Speaker of the youth organization

The topic of the meeting during the Caravan will be “How to create and promote a personal brand.”

Serhiy Shturhetskyy (Ukraine)

Expert with many years of experience in the media, Chairman of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor, author and co-author of more than 10 textbooks and manuals on journalism and media literacy.

The topic of the meeting during the Caravan will be “Hell’s Kitchen: How Manipulations and Propaganda are Made”.

Oksana Urban (Ukraine)

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, has experience working with USAID, U-lead with Europe, UNDP, Executive Director of the NGO “European Vector Volyn.

Associate Professor of International Economic Relations at Lutsk National Technical University, represented Ukraine’s interests at NATO Headquarters in 2009, 2010, and 2015.

The topic of the meeting during the Caravan will be “Leadership Development and Teamwork”.

Namaz Karimov (Azerbaijan)

More than 10 years of experience in the social sector, including in international organizations such as ICRC, UNICEF, and GIZ in various positions in Azerbaijan. I am a graduate of the Theodor Heuss Kolleg School of Facilitators in Germany. He is a member of the MitOst Association, Bosh Alumni Network, MOCI Platform and EU4Youth Alumni Network.

The topic of the meeting during the Caravan will be “Protection of interests. Advocacy”.

Oksana Kachurivska (Ukraine)

Head of the entrepreneur support center Diia.Business in Ternopil. Head of the NGO West Ukrainian Digital. Project manager. Trainer in business resilience and sustainability. Consultant on attracting resources for community development, cooperation with international partners and donor organizations. 

The topic of the meeting during the Caravan will be “Business Relocation and Integration”.

Oksana Zamora (Ukraine)

Project manager (7 years of experience in the international cooperation department of the university and 10+ years of experience in the third and educational sectors in the development/implementation of international projects (EC, FAO, CEE and EBRD).

She is a practicing trainer of non-formal education. Participant in 30+ individual mobility programs. PhD in Economics, Associate Professor at Sumy State University.

Olga Horkavchuk (Ukraine)

National coordinator of Caravan in Ukraine.

Doctor of Social Sciences, Project Manager, CEASC Project Manager, Chairperson of NGO “Women’s Interaction”, NGO “Business Development Fund”.

She has been working in the field of citizenship education in Ukraine for 15 years.

For the last 3 years she has been focusing on supporting women: migrants, those raising children with disabilities, and women who want to start their own business.

The Caravan is organized by a consortium of EENCE experts and organizations in the framework of the project “EENCE Citizenship Education Caravan”, funded by the Federal Agency for Citizenship Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung / bpb) with funds allocated by the German Federal Foreign Office. 

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