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The EENCE Caravan of Citizenship Education in Georgia is over! See you at the Caravan Sarai!

The last activities were organized in the region of Kakheti, where the host of Caravan was Telavi public school N5. Citizenship education expert from Ukraine, Nazarii Boiarskyi has conducted the meeting with students of different age and classes.

The main topic of the activity was the principles of democracy. The meeting was interactive and engaging. It included methodology for active participation, individual, peer and group working.

That`s what has made students amused and highly motivated for even writing their visions about the constitution and it is so much hopeful that they had mentioned such crucial topics in their documents as developing the medicine, prevention of the violence, the possibility of increasing financial aid, development of the educational system, freedom of speech, fair compensation, the strictest punishment of criminals, a strategy for protecting the ecosystem and etc.

The next discussion was about12 steps of EU candidacy conducted by the civic education expert Nino Gvaramadze. Attandees were teachers of different schools in Telavi.

The discussion was focused on the principles of democracy and the participants shared their opinions regarding the most important principles of democracy: rule of law, elections, multi-party system, political tolerance; economic freedom and the transparency.

The presentation was interactive, the participants discussed the opportunity given to Georgia and as well as 12 recommendations of the EU during the group activity. They were instructed to link each recommendation to a specific principle of democracy.

Speaker Nino Gvaramadze spoke about the role of implementation of recommendations in the formation of a democratic country. The participants shared the opinion that the implementation of the recommendations will be a step towards democracy for the country.

An important meeting for increasing civil awareness was organized in the public school N1 of Afeni village of Lagodekhi municipality where the film “Bullying” was shown to the audience.

Students, teachers and the parents attended the activity. The film was followed by a discussion, where the parents noted that they recognized themselves and their children in the film, which made them think about and honestly discuss the issue of bullying.

The relevance of the topic was caused by the current processes, because different forms of violence are common in schools. At such times, immediate response is important, it is necessary to recognize bullying and help both the bully and the victim. After the meeting, the parents expressed their desire to continue such meetings. 

“Bullying and its faces were well presented in the film. This film taught me that we should never ignore bullying cases.”

Marita Asanidze

The EENCE Citizenship Education Caravan in Georgia lasted from 7 to 12 October. During this time, the caravan team held about 20 events for teachers, students, refugees, and civic education experts in different regions of Georgia. More than 400 people took part in these meetings.

On 14-15 October, the final event of the Caravan will be held in Georgia. More than 50 people from different countries will come to Caravan Saray to discuss the results and lessons learnt from the Caravan, as well as the prospects for future Caravans.

Caravan in Georgia is organized by Eastern-European Association for Citizenship Education under support of the Federal Agency of Citizenship Education of Germany (bpb) and funded by German Foreign Office. The local partner of Caravan is a Civic Education Teachers’ Forum (CETF, Georgia).

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