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Citizenship Education Caravan in Moldova: get to know the programme and the experts

Discussions, seminars, trainings and other events will be held from 25 to 30 September by an international team of experts from Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Apart from the capital, the Caravan participants will visit 5 other small towns in Moldova.

To see the Caravan programme in Moldova, click on “+INFO” on the picture below.

Meet the experts at Caravan:

Valery Balayan (Ukraine)

Russian and Ukrainian documentalist, journalist at Radio Liberty, citizenship education trainer, and professor at the Free University of Riga, Latvia.

He is also the General Director of the public organization registered in Kyiv, Ukraine – “Centre for the Study and Development of Civil Initiatives”.

Natalia Cebotar (Moldova)

Teacher of history and education for society. National trainer in the educational projects
“Education for Democracy in the Republic of Moldova”, “INSPIRE”, “Children Defenders of
Human Rights”, etc.

Nino Gvaramadze (Georgia)

Doctor in pedagogy, professor at the European University (Georgia), expert in Citizenship
Education at the National Center for Professional Development of Teachers. Nino has published
more than 25 works in the field of civic education. During the Caravan in Moldova, she will give presentations and discussions on the topics: Democratic Citizenship and Civic Participation.

Petru Golban (Moldova)

Teacher of history and education for society, national trainer at Education for Society and within the Democratic School Governance project in the Republic of Moldova.

Co-author of some curricular documents, and author of some historical-themed articles.

Corina Lungu (Moldova)

Main consultant at the Ministry of Education and Research (since 2010), responsible for the coordination, at the national level, of curriculum policies in the field of socio-human sciences.

She has extensive experience in curriculum development and is the author, co-author and coordinator of numerous regulatory acts regarding the organization of general education and didactic products for the school subjects “Romanian and Universal History”, and “Education for Society”.

Yury Petrushenko (Ukraine)

Head of the Board of the East European Association for Civic Education, deputy head of the Council of the Ukrainian Association for Adult Education.

He has over 15 years of experience in implementing educational projects in the field of adult education and citizenship education at local, national, and international levels. Head of the Adult Education Center in
Sumy Ukraine.

Yury is a doctor of economic sciences, professor, and head of department at Sumy State University.

Alexandru Seu (Moldova)

History teacher. Professional concerns are focused on studying historical facts from the perspective of collective memory and on strengthening civic skills through a constructive approach to media and electoral education.

He is the author of several scientific and popularization articles in the field. As part of the Caravan, he will address the issue of the historical memory of Stalinist repressions and the particularities of the electoral processes in the context of the Local Elections in Moldova.

Azar Ramazanov (Azerbaidjan)

President of the Association for Adult Education. Director of the Consultancy Center for Adult Education.

He has over 20 years of experience in the implementation and development of educational projects and programs, adult education, and citizenship education at the national and international levels.

Daniela Vacarciuc (Moldova)

A history teacher, and high school director, has studies in the fields of educational management, and history teaching and is an expert within the Pestalozzi Project.

She believes in democratic values and constantly promotes them.

Sergiu Musteata (Moldova)

National coordinator of the Caravan in Moldova.

Historian, Professor of the Department of History and Geography at the Ion Creanga Pedagogical State University of Chisinau.

Former researcher at various fellowships in the USA, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, etc.

Founder of the National Association of Historians of Moldova.

During the last three decades he has realised many projects related to history education, democratic citizenship and heritage preservation.

Caravan is organized by Eastern-European Association for Citizenship Education under support of the Federal Agency of Citizenship Education of Germany (bpb) and funded by German Foreign Office.

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